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It’s all about the adventure

So if you’re looking to truly uncover the heart, soul and spirit of Africa, you can expect to do so with one of our safari / tour packages. As a passionate traveller, you probably already know that a successful journey requires meticulous planning. There is more to a beautiful safari or tour than just hopping on a plane and arriving at your destination.

We are passionate about Africa and travel, and we understand the planning that needs to go into a safari and tour. Using our knowledge and experience, our team has spent many hours piecing together travel packages, tours and itineraries that won’t just excite you, but truly excite us too! With so many adventures behind us, with our in-depth knowledge of each of our chosen destinations and with our experience in the travel industry…

we are able to present our clients with the following tours and itineraries to consider:

12 Days

Botswana & Victoria Falls + Kruger Park Tour (12 day VF-KP)

8 Days

Botswana & Victoria Falls Tour (8 day VF)

12 Days

Kruger National Park + Botswana / Victoria Falls Tour (12 day KP-VF)

7 Days

Kruger National Park (7 day KP)

6 Days

Botswana & Victoria Falls Tour (6 day VF)

3 Days

Gauteng to Victoria Falls (3 day VF)

4 Days

Gauteng to Victoria Falls (4 day VF)

8 Days

Kruger National Park to Victoria Falls (8 day KP-VF)